Konnan Suggests Young Bucks Might Leave AEW for WWE


Konnan Suggests Young Bucks Might Leave AEW for WWE

During a recent episode of his podcast "Keepin' It 100", esteemed wrestler and promoter, Konnan, speculated that AEW EVPs The Young Bucks could potentially follow in Cody Rhodes' footsteps by switching from AEW to WWE. His co-host, Disco Inferno, called into question the promo skills of the duo - Matt and Nick Jackson - sparking an interesting conversation.

Young Bucks' Motivation Questioned

Konnan defends The Young Bucks, stating, "They are capable of delivering impressive promos, however, their current motivation level appears to be a roadblock." He adds, drawing upon their observable shift in attitude and body language since the establishment of the company, "it just doesn't feel like they're enthusiastic about being here.

That's my perception, and I could be wrong." Contradicting a fan's extreme characterization of the Young Bucks as "the worst tag team of all time," Konnan insists, "That's an exaggeration. They're still in the process of carving out their legacy.

Who's to say they won't make a splash in WWE?" Konnan highlights the significance of WWE's treatment of Cody Rhodes as a premier star. The positive response to "The American Nightmare" could potentially lure The Elite into similar circumstances.

Despite uncertainties about the contract status of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Dave Meltzer reported that Tony Khan, AEW's CEO, has been diligently striving to secure his three EVPs for an extended period. Most industry insiders, as per Fightful Select, are of the opinion that the Young Bucks, Omega, and "Hangman" Adam Page will likely renew their contracts with AEW, and all four could expect a substantial salary hike.

Should The Elite make a surprising switch to WWE, Konnan anticipates immediate storylines involving Cody, the man who abandoned their mutual dream of challenging WWE. Konnan suggests, "They could confront Cody in WWE, accusing him of betrayal.

That would spark an interesting storyline. Given their undeniable talent, if WWE were to onboard them, I anticipate they would be utilized effectively."

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