Veteran WWE Lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, Exits MLW Lawsuit; Considers Retirement

Legal tides are shifting within the wrestling industry landscape.

by Atia Mukhtar
Veteran WWE Lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, Exits MLW Lawsuit; Considers Retirement

Jerry McDevitt, a veteran attorney synonymous with WWE for an impressive span of over three decades, has made the decision to bow out from the ongoing lawsuit with Major League Wrestling (MLW). In the midst of the legal melee, he has revealed his impending plans to retire at the end of the calendar year, a detail sourced from "WrestleNomics." McDevitt's announcement follows closely on the heels of a recent court decision in which WWE's motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by MLW was denied.

The seasoned attorney has indicated that his long-contemplated retirement plans, aimed for the conclusion of this year, have played a significant role in his choice to withdraw, particularly in light of predictions suggesting that the lawsuit may extend into 2025.

MLW Lawsuit Challenges WWE Monopoly

This legal dispute with MLW centers around accusations of monopolistic practices leveraged against WWE. In a move aimed at controlling the potential fallout, WWE attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed.

However, the court denied their motion in mid-June, pushing the legal proceedings forward. Early reports from the onset of the lawsuit suggested that, if not dismissed, the extensive discovery process could lead to a financial burden for WWE amounting to millions of dollars.

The septuagenarian lawyer, now 73 years old, has served WWE for more than 36 years. His career with the company can be traced back to the highly publicized steroid trial in 1993. His relentless and diligent representation of Vince McMahon and WWE during this challenging time solidified his professional bond with McMahon and the organization.

Over the years, McDevitt's legal prowess has been put to the test numerous times as he championed the WWE's cause in a variety of legal proceedings. This includes a multitude of concussion-related cases, each of which were successfully dismissed under his watch.

His impending departure marks an end of an era for the WWE, leaving a legacy of tenacious defense and fierce representation.