Dave Meltzer Suggests Deeper Reasons for Jerry McDevitt Exit from MLW Lawsuit

New developments unfold in the ongoing WWE vs MLW saga.

by Atia Mukhtar
Dave Meltzer Suggests Deeper Reasons for Jerry McDevitt Exit from MLW Lawsuit

Renowned wrestling news source, Wrestlenomics, revealed on Wednesday that Jerry McDevitt, WWE's longstanding legal representative, is planning to retire by the end of 2023. Interestingly, McDevitt's exit from the ongoing MLW lawsuit raises many questions, as noted by Dave Meltzer, host of "Wrestling Observer Radio." "McDevitt's reduced involvement over the past one to two years signaled a slowdown, but I suspect there's more complexity to his departure from the MLW case," Meltzer mused.

He pointed to WWE's initial expectation of a quick resolution to the MLW case, an anticipation that was shattered when McDevitt's efforts to dismiss the case were flatly rejected, indicating a more protracted legal struggle.

WWE Switches Legal Representation

Adding another layer to the intrigue, Meltzer unveiled that K&L Gates, WWE's representing law firm in this lawsuit, has been replaced. WWE is now relying on a fresh, high-powered law firm to take over the case.

This happens to be the same legal representation currently engaged in their merger talks. Meltzer hinted at deeper reasons for this strategic shuffle, stating, "Replacing an entire law firm isn't a decision taken lightly. Something significant must be happening behind the scenes, especially considering Vince McMahon's evident displeasure with the lawsuit's persistent existence." McDevitt's legacy with WWE spans over three decades, having commenced in 1987 when Jim Neidhart employed his services, successfully beating a case accusing him of in-flight intoxication.

McDevitt's notable contributions include keeping Hulk Hogan off the stand during the Zahorian trial and representing Vince McMahon during the infamous 1994 steroid case, among numerous others. The contentious lawsuit at hand sees MLW alleging WWE of encroaching on their media rights and employing monopolistic practices.

Last month, a judge refused WWE's plea to dismiss the case, setting the stage for a potential trial following the discovery process. As such, McDevitt's departure and the complete legal team switch implies a significant turning point in this ongoing wrestling corporate drama.

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