Ex-College Football Stars to Make WWE NXT Debut Next Week


Ex-College Football Stars to Make WWE NXT Debut Next Week

Bronco Nima and Lucien Price, two former college football athletes who transitioned into wrestling, are poised to make a significant leap in their professional wrestling careers. After garnering attention in "NXT Level Up" throughout 2023, the pair is now set to debut in "WWE NXT." After their last appearance in "Level Up" on June 2, suggestive snippets began appearing in "WWE NXT," hinting at the duo's upward trajectory.

On July 3, a video clip was released featuring Nima and Price outlining their ambitions for "NXT," again suggesting that their step up to the bigger platform was on the horizon. Further affirming these speculations, a subsequent video that aired on the July 4 episode showed the duo en route to "NXT," where they announced their imminent debut on next week's show, although their opponents remain unannounced.

From Gridiron to Wrestling Ring

The duo's transition to "NXT" arrives a little over a year after they signed with WWE in March 2022. This class of signings also introduced future "NXT" Women's Champion Roxxane Perez. Prior to their wrestling careers, Nima and Price were celebrated for their college football achievements.

Nima had a notable four-year tenure as an offensive tackle at Idaho University, while Price showcased his skill for an equal duration as a defensive end at Washington State. WWE has capitalized on their football history in the promotional videos, featuring the pair playfully tossing a football around on the street.

Adding to the anticipation of next week's episode, it will not only showcase Price and Nima's first "NXT" match but also the return of The Judgment Day. This comes after Carmelo Hayes extended an invitation to the group, a challenge that was subsequently accepted by the group's leader, Finn Balor.

As such, WWE fans are eagerly anticipating the next episode of "NXT," promising a blend of fresh faces and familiar rivalries, symbolizing the ever-evolving nature of professional wrestling.