WWE Today: Unlikely to Recreate Mick Foley Iconic Hell in a Cell Moment


WWE Today: Unlikely to Recreate Mick Foley Iconic Hell in a Cell Moment
WWE Today: Unlikely to Recreate Mick Foley Iconic Hell in a Cell Moment

Mick Foley's unforgettable plunge off the Hell in a Cell structure at King of the Ring in 1998 is etched in the annals of wrestling history as a truly iconic moment. However, amidst the celebration of the match's 25th anniversary, Foley reflected on his often-overlooked return appearance that evening—a surprising interference in the main event for the WWF Championship between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Kane.

During a conversation on "Busted Open Radio," Foley pondered how he managed to convince someone backstage to allow him to make a comeback after his brutal Hell in a Cell encounter. "What kind of a sell job did I do on someone backstage to convince them that I could come back out there?" Foley questioned, recounting the pivotal moments of the title match.

Shock and Chaos: Foley Game-Changing Interference

In the final stages of the match, Foley, in his Mankind persona, stumbled his way to the ring, battered and bloodied, armed with a steel chair. His intervention disrupted Austin's assault on Kane, but he ultimately found himself on the receiving end of a Stunner.

The Undertaker made a surprise appearance, delivering a chairshot to Austin, drawing blood and securing the victory for "The Big Red Machine." Foley acknowledged the mixed feelings surrounding his involvement, describing it not as a traditional run-in but rather a stumble-in.

Yet, he recognized the significance of altering the course of wrestling history through his interference. "I can't even call it a run-in. It's a stumble-in, and the funny thing about it is that I'm changing the course of wrestling history through my interference," Foley reflected.

Despite the temporary setback for Austin, who recaptured the title the following night on "Raw," Foley emphasized the magnitude of the moment. He acknowledged the immense popularity of Austin, stating, "There's no way to overstate how incredibly over Steve was, so this is a major deal." Foley expected a negative reaction from the crowd for his interference, but instead, he sensed a collective sentiment of "Ohhhh, haven't you had enough?" While Foley's involvement in the championship match is often underappreciated, it remains part of the rich tapestry of historic moments from that night.

However, Foley believes such an occurrence would be highly improbable in today's wrestling landscape. He explained, "In the current day, none of that would happen because A.) they would never allow something like [the fall from the cell] to take place, and B.) if an injury of that magnitude occurred, the match would be stopped, which is [how] it should be." As fans commemorate the legacy of Foley's Hell in a Cell match, his subsequent interference serves as a testament to the unique nature of that era and the unlikely circumstances that allowed such a dramatic turn of events to unfold.

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