Freddie Prinze Jr. Applauds Women's WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match


Freddie Prinze Jr. Applauds Women's WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Freddie Prinze Jr. Applauds Women's WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Freddie Prinze Jr., in a recent episode of "Wrestling With Freddie," showered accolades upon the incredible display of talent exhibited by IYO SKY, Bayley, Trish Stratus, Zoey Stark, Becky Lynch, and Zelina Vega during the highly anticipated women's Money in the Bank ladder match this year.

Delving into the match, Prinze underscored the captivating narrative that unfolded within the ring. Notably, he emphasized the compelling dynamic between four of the competitors, namely SKY, Bayley, Stratus, and Stark, who found themselves aligned towards a shared objective.

Prinze commended the skillful storytelling that set this match apart from its male counterpart, citing a pivotal moment when SKY was on the cusp of victory, only to be thwarted by Bayley, her supposed friend. Prinze remarked, "It was like, 'I'm about to win, and you're going to betray me?' Despite their past conflicts, it added a layer of emotional depth to the match."

Prinze Applauds Vega and Lynch

Moving on, Prinze lauded Zelina Vega for her standout performance, likening her to the electrifying Kofi Kingston and applauding her execution of innovative maneuvers and daring bumps.

He also acknowledged Becky Lynch's contribution, highlighting her mid-match energy surge and dominant presence throughout various spots. The culmination of the match drew Prinze's utmost admiration, as he hailed it as a prime example of masterful storytelling.

He particularly praised SKY's ingenious move of restraining Bayley and Lynch, binding their hands together between the ladder's rungs. This unexpected twist prevented both competitors from ascending, leaving SKY free to triumphantly climb over Bayley—a direct reference to an earlier incident where Bayley had betrayed her by placing her foot on SKY's shoulder and head.

"I never saw that coming. It's amazing," Prinze enthused, commending WWE for incorporating such creative elements into the match. Adding a final note of appreciation, Prinze acknowledged the diverse representation within the women's division, specifically recognizing the presence of a Japanese world champion in Asuka and expressing excitement for another Japanese talent poised to make a significant impact in the future.

Freddie Prinze Jr.' s deep admiration for the women's Money in the Bank ladder match serves as a testament to the incredible athleticism, storytelling, and emotional investment showcased by the talented competitors.

Freddie Prinze Jr

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