Nikki Cross Is Now on RAW

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Nikki Cross Is Now on RAW

The WWE Main Event even took place in Cincinnati, OH. Payton Royce was in action today and she managed to defeat Nikki Cross. It was as singles match. Nikki Cross is now officially part of the RAW main roster. She spoke about it on WWE’s official YouTube Channel.

"Tonight, tonight was my chance. The newest RAW Superstar, Nikki Cross. It was my chance to make an impact on Main Event tonight. It was my chance, and I lost. I lost. Is there something that I need to change here? Do I need to change? What needs to change? Do I just fight from the ground up, scratching and clawing? What needs to change? I'm always talking in the dark, maybe it's time to step out of the dark and take a long, good, hard look in the mirror," Cross said."

Could this mean that Nikki Cross is going to change her character and gimmick and find one that will put her over with the fans? Some wrestling superstars have found success after a superstar shakeup. Some have also failed.

In the professional wrestling business, a wrestler needs to evolve and get better at doing what he/she does in order to remain relevant. Constant gimmick changes, interesting storylines and character changes are required sometimes. It is true that the WWE Creative Team can also be held responsible for the failure of success or a wrestler.