Brock Lesnar Desired Match with Female WWE Star Prior to Her Departure


Brock Lesnar Desired Match with Female WWE Star Prior to Her Departure
Brock Lesnar Desired Match with Female WWE Star Prior to Her Departure

In professional wrestling, Brock Lesnar is recognized as one of the most formidable figures, having squared off against nearly every major male superstar over the past two decades. Yet, during a rare conversation with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer on the March 29, 2001 edition of Wrestling Observer Live, The Beast Incarnate let slip that he was keen on locking horns with a legendary female powerhouse, Chyna.

Lesnar, known for his outstanding amateur wrestling career, began his journey with WWE in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), their developmental system. He leaped the main roster on March 18, 2002. However, it was almost a year before this, while still honing his skills in OVW, that Lesnar mused on his future opponents.

The then 23-year-old aspirant casually dropped Chyna's name in response to a query about his dream opponents.

Lesnar's Unexpected Dream Opponents

"I would work with whoever. Chyna. I don't care," stated Lesnar nonchalantly. Finding the proposition amusing, Meltzer joked that he cringed at mentioning a Lesnar vs.

Chyna match. Quick on his feet, Lesnar laughed it off, presenting Kurt Angle as an alternative: "I have no problem working with anybody, but I think the person that I would like to work with would be Kurt, probably, just because of his amateur background," he continued.

This provocative conversation happened three days before Chyna's triumphant victory against Ivory at WrestleMania 17, where she seized the Women's Championship. Sadly, Chyna's tenure with WWE was brief, and she wrestled only six more matches before her contract ended.

Beyond Chyna and Kurt Angle, Lesnar eyed potential face-offs with WWE legends Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. He reassured that he was ready to battle anyone who crossed his path, expressing his interest in working with the stars above and asserting his readiness to take on any superstar.

Despite his enthusiasm, Lesnar confessed he didn't feel prepared to join RAW and SmackDown. He was willing to dedicate eight additional months to his training before contemplating transitioning to the main roster. His journey since then has undeniably justified that patience as he continues to dominate the WWE landscape.

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