WWE NXT's July 4 Episode Hits All-Time Low on USA Network

July 4th Episode of "WWE NXT" Experiences Widespread Demographic Declines

by Noman Rasool
WWE NXT's July 4 Episode Hits All-Time Low on USA Network

In the realm of Nielsen ratings, analyzing holiday episodes can often be tricky, particularly on significant holidays such as Independence Day when viewership faces tough competition from traditional fireworks displays. However, delving into the ratings performance of the July 4th episode of "WWE NXT," the numbers revealed a significant decline.

According to reputable sources like Wrestlenomics, the two-hour episode of "NXT" recorded an average viewership of 508,000 overall, representing an 18 percent drop from the previous week. Notably, approximately 166,000 viewers fell within the coveted demographic group of adults aged 18 to 49, which advertisers highly value, marking a 25 percent decline from the prior week.

This demographic performance translated to a P18-49 rating of 0.13. It is worth mentioning that while the episode garnered the lowest total viewership since its debut on the USA Network nearly four years ago, the decline in the key demographic did not reach similar record lows.

Demographic Declines Across the Board

For a comprehensive understanding, the Wrestlenomics Patreon page meticulously tracks "NXT's" performance across various demographics, comparing the figures to the median of the previous four weeks.

Strikingly, every demographic observed experienced a double-digit percentage drop. The most substantial decline was witnessed among women aged 18 to 34, plummeting by a staggering 50 percent compared to the median. This was followed by declines of 34 percent among adults aged 18 to 34, 31 percent among men aged 18 to 34, 26 percent among men aged 18 to 49, 25 percent among adults aged 18 to 49, and 24 percent among women aged 18 to 49.

Unfortunately, with the cessation of ShowbuzzDaily, the availability of comparative ranking data for cable and broadcast originals is currently limited. However, SpoilerTV.com has stepped in to fill the void, albeit with a slight delay in posting rankings compared to ShowbuzzDaily's prompt reporting, typically appearing two days later.

The dwindling viewership numbers for the July 4th episode of "WWE NXT" signify a challenging situation for the promotion. While it's crucial to consider the influence of holidays and the accompanying festivities, the substantial declines in key demographics raise concerns.

WWE will undoubtedly analyze these figures to identify potential factors contributing to the deterioration and strategize for future episodes to recapture audience attention and engagement.