Natalya Excited for NXT Collaboration with Rising Star Tiffany Stratton

Natalya Neidhart praises rising talent Tiffany Stratton's growth.

by Noman Rasool
Natalya Excited for NXT Collaboration with Rising Star Tiffany Stratton

Natalya Neidhart, renowned WWE star and former multi-time women's champion, recently sat down with Busted Open Radio for a comprehensive discussion about the world of professional wrestling. During the interview, Natalya expressed her interest in working with various talents, including some prominent names on the WWE roster.

When asked about potential future opponents, Natalya mentioned several well-known figures within the WWE, showcasing her eagerness to collaborate with them in the ring. "I'd love to work with IYO (SKY), Bianca (Belair), Bayley, and Dakota (Kai) when she comes back," Natalya stated, emphasizing her admiration for their skills and achievements.

However, she also took the opportunity to praise an emerging talent in NXT, Cora Jade, expressing her delight in working with her and commending her remarkable character development and evolution.

Natalya Praises Tiffany's Growth

As the conversation progressed, Natalya turned her attention towards NXT Women's Champion, Tiffany Stratton, showering her with accolades and openly expressing her desire to work alongside the rising star.

Natalya commended Tiffany's dedication to her character and captivating on-screen presence, highlighting her willingness to acknowledge areas for improvement and her desire to grow as a performer. Natalya specifically highlighted Tiffany's candid admission of wanting to enhance her in-ring abilities, earning Natalya's utmost respect.

The WWE veteran warmly welcomed the opportunity to have a match with Tiffany, even expressing her openness to competing in NXT to make it happen. Natalya's endorsement of Tiffany Stratton is a testament to the young talent's potential and her impact on the wrestling scene.

By emphasizing the importance of continuous growth and embracing constructive criticism, Natalya acknowledges Tiffany's commitment to honing her craft and solidifying her position as a prominent force in professional wrestling.

As both wrestlers possess immense skill and passion for their craft, a potential matchup between Natalya and Tiffany promises to be an electrifying encounter that fans would undoubtedly relish. With Natalya's experience and expertise, her endorsement is a significant vote of confidence for Tiffany Stratton.

As the two athletes continue their respective journeys within WWE, the possibility of their paths intertwining in the future appears increasingly likely. Whether on the main roster or in the vibrant atmosphere of NXT, the collaboration between Natalya and Tiffany Stratton holds immense potential, promising an exhilarating display of athleticism and storytelling that fans won't want to miss.

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