Jack Swagger on WWE Wrestler’s Wanting to Quit

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Jack Swagger on WWE Wrestler’s Wanting to Quit

Jack Swagger is a former WWE wrestler and he is now an MMA fighter. He is known as Jack Hager in MMA. Jack left the company in 2017 after his release was granted. He was on Pro Wrestling 24/7 about the superstars that wish to quit the WWE.

He said that he is not surprised at all. "No it's not a shock, they know exactly how they treat their talent. They know the contracts that they have assigned and they know exactly why we're unhappy with the way they treat us.

So it's not a shock to me," stated Swagger. "I'm very thankful now looking back that I was able to leave when I did. I'm very thankful for my 12 years there because it allowed me to do so much. It allows me to do so much now because of my background, that notch on my resume, but at the same time there's a lot of unhappy people there and it's not just because of the politics”.

Jack went on to say that the working in the WWE is super hard. The most famous wrestlers are given very tight schedules and hardly get time to spend at home. According to Jack, most famous superstars only get 36 hours a week to spend with their families. He also stated that they travel about 200 days a year.