Booker T Speaks About Wrestling Bonds


Booker T Speaks About Wrestling Bonds
Booker T Speaks About Wrestling Bonds

Even though Booker T could never reach ‘John Cena’ level of popularity, he is still regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. He was extremely successful in the WWE and the WCW. In WCW, he managed to win the WCW title 5 times.

In the WWE, he managed to win the WWE Heavyweight Title and the King of The Ring tournament.

Booker T Talks About His Chemistry with His Tag Team Partners

Even though Booker T is no longer an active professional wrestler, he is still respected in the community.

He runs his podcast, and still connects with his fans on a regular basis. He also provides predictions and expert analysis of various events in the professional wrestling world. Booker T started his career as one half of the legendary tag team, Harlem Heat.

Harlem Heat consisted of Booker T and Stevie Ray. Stevie is Booker T’s real life brother. Harlem Heat was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the past. In WCW, Harlem Heat won the WCW World Tag Titles 10 times. They were one of the most dominate teams of all time in the WCW.

According to Booker T, the bond between him and his brother helped the team succeed. He said that the chemistry between the two was completely natural. "We didn't talk about a whole lot at all," said Booker T. "I mean of course we came up with certain moves that we wanted to go out there try and what not.

But as far as being able to feel each other and knowing exactly where each other was going to be, it was magical." Always on the same page with one another, the team didn't even need verbal communication in order to know what the other was up to next.

"It would actually be so cool because I would point and my brother would know exactly what I was thinking," added Booker T. Booker T then spoke about his other tag team partners. Booker T won title with Goldberg, Test, Scott Steiner and Rob Van Dam in the past.

He stated that even with the other tag team parents, he found it easy to form a chemistry. "We figured each other out from the beginning, it was such an easy transition for all of us," continued Booker T. "All of us became tag team champions.

It was just because we went out and performed effortlessly because we knew our jobs ... We were boys, and I think that's why we connected so well."

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