Why Ted DiBiase Was Never Captivated by Goldberg's Performance

Examining a controversial stance on Goldberg's wrestling career.

by Noman Rasool
Why Ted DiBiase Was Never Captivated by Goldberg's Performance

While wrestling legend Bill Goldberg undeniably made his mark on professional wrestling in the late '90s, not everyone in the industry was spellbound by his rise to fame. Even as Goldberg's intensity electrified crowds and transformed him into a top draw alongside iconic figures such as Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan, many of his contemporaries remained unimpressed.

One of these critics was Ted DiBiase, a fellow wrestling stalwart and keen observer of Goldberg's meteoric ascendancy within World Championship Wrestling (WCW). During an appearance on the popular podcast "Everybody's Got A Pod," DiBiase offered a candid assessment of Goldberg's wrestling journey.

He suggested that Goldberg, rather than exhibiting exceptional wrestling talent, benefitted from uncertainty and the burgeoning popularity of professional wrestling in the late 20th century.

"DiBiase Questions Goldberg's Rise"

DiBiase expressed, "Goldberg found himself in the right place, at the right time, during an incredible boom period for wrestling.

Rather than any extraordinary innate talent, this fortunate timing fuelled his unprecedented push to prominence." He further stressed that Goldberg needed to gain the necessary experience and technical expertise that are hallmarks of the best in the business.

However, DiBiase clarified that his critique is not a personal attack on Goldberg. He has consistently enjoyed congenial interactions with Goldberg, describing the former WCW Champion as "a great guy." Yet, when listing the top performers in pro wrestling history, DiBiase hesitates to include Goldberg.

"In all fairness, Goldberg transitioned from a successful football career to wrestling, which is an achievement in itself," DiBiase conceded. "But if we're talking purely about wrestling ability and performance, I have always struggled to rank him in the top echelons.

He may not even figure in my top 10." DiBiase's stance encapsulates a sentiment shared by a faction of wrestling insiders. While Goldberg's contribution to the industry is significant, his rapid rise to fame was more a product of fortuitous timing and favorable circumstances than exceptional wrestling acumen.

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