Booker T Hails Former WWE Tag Partner as 'Main Event Star'


Booker T Hails Former WWE Tag Partner as 'Main Event Star'

Booker T, a decorated professional wrestler who achieved tag team success with various partners throughout his illustrious career, recently opened up about his tag team experiences with the late Test on a recent episode of his podcast, "The Hall of Fame." Emotions ran high as Booker fondly remembered Test, with whom he shared multiple title reigns.

However, he revealed that most of their in-ring memories have been clouded due to circumstances beyond his control, primarily focusing on Test's well-documented struggles with substance abuse rather than their chemistry as a tag team.

"Great times, man," Booker began with a hint of nostalgia. "Test was a great dude. He just caught up, but those were some great times, man. I just remember how cool Test and I were, more than anything else. And for us to have created a bond—I didn't know Test until I got to WWE, and we became friends and whatnot," explained Booker.

Deep Bond Formed Between Booker and Test

The strong bond between Booker and Test stemmed not only from their shared experiences but also from the fact that Test was Booker's first full-time tag team partner after his arrival in WWE as part of The Alliance.

This partnership held significant meaning for Booker as it marked his first collaboration since his days in Harlem Heat, making their pairing all the more special to him. "We became so freakin' tight," emphasized Booker. "The matches—I don't remember a whole lot about the matches or anything like that because Test was going through a lot at that time.

I was genuinely concerned about Test's well-being, and I think that overshadowed anything he could have done in the ring." Despite the challenges Test faced during his eight-year tenure in WWE, Booker T acknowledged his partner's potential and referred to him as a "main event guy." Although Test may not have reached the pinnacle of main event status, Booker recognized his talent and contributions to the industry.

In his reflections on his time as Test's tag team partner, Booker T's words conveyed a deep sense of friendship, understanding, and empathy. While their in-ring accomplishments may have been overshadowed by personal struggles, Booker's admiration for Test's character and potential as a performer shone through, leaving a lasting impression on those who listened to his heartfelt recollections.

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