Becky Lynch Wrestling Motivation Unveiled


Becky Lynch Wrestling Motivation Unveiled
Becky Lynch Wrestling Motivation Unveiled

Becky Lynch, a prominent WWE star, recently delved into her journey into professional wrestling and the driving force behind her decision to embark on this path. In an exclusive interview with "Cosmopolitan," Lynch candidly shared her motivations and revealed that she enrolled in a wrestling school with the intention of transforming her life and attaining physical fitness.

Reflecting on her early years, Lynch recounted, "What got me into wrestling was, I failed PE at 15 years old and I was a bit of ... I was up to no good. I was drinking and smoking all the funny stuff, and I figured I wanted to turn my life around, but I didn't want to do it in a conventional way." Seeking an unconventional means of self-improvement, she dismissed the notion of typical fitness pursuits like Jane Fonda workouts or generic gym routines.

Instead, she discovered the allure of wrestling. The prospect of attaining fitness while engaging in a sport she adored intrigued her. Lynch recollected, "I said, 'Wow, wrestlers, they're all super fit. I love watching wrestling.

That's not anything I could ever do... I could never be a wrestler, I'm the kid that failed PE, but that would be a fun way to get fit. So let me go along and give it a try,' and I did."

Lynch Transformative Journey

Acknowledging her initial lack of skill, Lynch confessed that she was dreadful when she first started her training.

However, her love for the sport fueled her determination to improve, and eventually, her hard work paid off. "I was awful. I was so bad, but I loved it, and for the first time in my life, I wanted to get better at something — and I did," shared the former "Raw" Women's Champion.

Under the guidance of fellow WWE star Finn Balor, Lynch received training during the early 2000s and subsequently ventured into the independent wrestling circuit in Europe and North America. Her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment caught the attention of WWE, leading to her debut in 2013.

Since then, Lynch has become a pivotal figure in the evolution of women's wrestling within the WWE. Her exceptional skills and captivating personality have propelled her to win numerous titles in the promotion, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Becky Lynch's inspiring journey showcases the transformative power of pursuing one's passion and embracing challenges head-on. From her initial aspiration to get fit to becoming a celebrated WWE superstar, Lynch's story serves as a testament to the strength of determination and perseverance in achieving one's goals.

Becky Lynch

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