Gable Steveson to take hiatus after WWE NXT debut.

Wrestling sensation Gable Steveson steps into WWE NXT spotlight.

by Noman Rasool
Gable Steveson to take hiatus after WWE NXT debut.

Following his prominent interactions with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson is officially integrated into the esteemed "WWE NXT" lineup. Nevertheless, with his eyes firmly set on the UWW World Championships this September, Steveson, the prominent ex-star from the University of Minnesota, is already preparing to step away from the wrestling ring temporarily.

This comes according to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which reveals that Steveson is scheduled to pause his WWE participation to entirely focus on training for the upcoming international competition in Serbia.

Steveson's Remarkable Journey to NXT

The impressive athlete has secured his place on Team U.S.A., achieving this through a victory over Michigan's Mason Parris in the much-anticipated Final X in June. Steveson's journey, thus far, has been anything short of remarkable, and he has consistently been in the limelight on 'NXT' broadcasts in the past weeks.

The Olympic champion made his notable first appearance sharing screen space with Eddy Thorpe. Steveson offered to train Thorpe for his "NXT Underground" match against Steveson's biological brother, Damon Kemp. Thorpe emerged victorious after an intense round, halted by referee stoppage on July 4.

The situation escalated when a spectator dared to touch Steveson's Olympic gold medal. This instigated the two-time NCAA Division I champion to demonstrate his physical prowess. The 2020 Olympic gold medalist responded by executing a series of spectacular overhead suplexes, stunning the crowd with his exceptional strength and amateur skill.

However, Steveson's future in WWE remains ambiguous, apart from his intentions for the world championships. With one year of NCAA eligibility remaining, the wrestling sensation has already voiced his ambition to return to the mat for his alma mater, Minnesota.

His passion for wrestling and commitment to his former university indicates a promising future in collegiate wrestling or the WWE. As his fans and the wrestling world eagerly watch, only time will reveal what path Steveson's illustrious career will ultimately take.

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