Kevin Nash on Wrestling Career: Long-Term Effects and Taking Bumps


Kevin Nash on Wrestling Career: Long-Term Effects and Taking Bumps

In a recent episode of "Kliq This," WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash shared his thoughts on the long-term effects of wrestling and his reservations about certain moves. Specifically, he expressed his disapproval of Kenny Omega taking the Tiger Driver '91 from Will Ospreay at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event and his general concern regarding career-threatening bumps in wrestling.

Nash voiced his skepticism about the German Suplex, a move that has become commonplace in professional wrestling. He questioned the prevalence of broken necks before this move became a staple, stating that he couldn't recall any instances.

While he didn't advocate for an outright ban, Nash conveyed his worries about repetitive bumps like the German Suplex, likening them to repeated shots to the head. He emphasized the potential cumulative damage over time, comparing it to the debilitating effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Nash stressed that it's not just the impact of a single move but the cumulative effect that could lead to severe consequences, such as paralysis.

Kevin Nash's Commitment to Addressing Head Injuries

The former wrestling star has been actively involved in addressing the impact of head injuries.

He intended to donate his brain to the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Nash has experienced his fair share of physical pain throughout his 30-year wrestling career and has been open about discussing these issues.

During the podcast, Nash also provided an update on his neck injuries. While he noted some improvement due to positive bloodwork results, he admitted to encountering days when his body couldn't perform as desired. He discussed the benefits of stem cell treatment, which has provided relief in various aspects.

Additionally, Nash shared his perspective on the psychology of cage matches, notably the infamous Hell in a Cell match involving Mick Foley. Nash expressed his disbelief at Foley's incredible leap of the cell and his concern for The Undertaker, who delivered the chokeslam and initially feared Foley had been seriously injured.

He firmly stated that competitors should never leave the cage, as it undermines the purpose and psychology of such matches. In light of the CTE discussion, Nash speculated that Foley's biggest regret would be the handcuffed chair shots he endured from The Rock.

Nash believed that Foley was already incapacitated after the first or second chair shot. Kevin Nash highlighted his concerns regarding certain wrestling moves and their potential long-term consequences through his remarks.

His advocacy for wrestler safety and his own experiences with injuries demonstrate his commitment to raising awareness about these issues within the wrestling community.

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