Cody Rhodes' Segment Enhances Upcoming WWE RAW: Monday's Latest Line-Up

Debutant triumphs and rivalries escalate in recent WWE showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes' Segment Enhances Upcoming WWE RAW: Monday's Latest Line-Up

This past week's electrifying episode of WWE ushered a fresh face into the ring as the young talent Dupri made her exhilarating debut. Partnered with the powerful duo of Otis and Gable, Dupri faced off against Valhalla and The Viking Raiders in an intense mixed tag team battle.

Valhalla's Return, Dupri's Dynamic Debut

The match marked the return of Valhalla to full-time wrestling since last November. Her only other significant appearance since losing to Shayna Baszler in a gripping RAW bout on April 13, 2020, was the 2022 Royal Rumble.

The debutant Dupri captured the crowd's enthusiasm when she tagged in and delivered a sequence of powerful moves against Valhalla, including a brilliantly executed suplex and splash. The decisive point came when Otis encouraged Dupri to execute the Caterpillar, a move that was met with rapturous cheers from the fans.

However, the seasoned Valhalla was prepared and retorted with a knee strike. The match climaxed with Dupri smartly pulling off a sunset flip on Valhalla, leading to a victorious pin. The celebration of the triumphant Alpha Academy, the wrestling school comprising Gable and Otis, who had trained Dupri, reverberated with the crowd's strong babyface reaction.

In another exciting development, WWE announced that Cody Rhodes would deliver a "nightmare message" to Brock Lesnar during Monday's RAW. Lesnar's presence at the event has yet to be confirmed, and he is absent from local advertisements.

The Lesnar-Rhodes saga had a new chapter last week when Lesnar made a surprise return to RAW and launched an attack on Rhodes. The confrontation ended with Rhodes stunningly blocking Lesnar's F5 with a well-timed Cody Cutter.

Nursing a broken arm and facial injuries from Lesnar's previous onslaught, Rhodes passionately declared their incompatibility. He showed resilience, insisting on another showdown with The Beast, a challenge he would undertake any night.

The anticipation is mounting for the Rhodes vs. Lesnar rubber match, expected to be a thrilling headline act at WWE SummerSlam. The conditions for the battle are yet to be confirmed, but speculation suggests a high-stakes stipulation will be in place. The upcoming segments will undoubtedly unravel more exciting aspects of these ongoing storylines.

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