Brian Cage: AEW Audience Resents My WWE-like Qualities

Exploring wrestling dynamics, Brian Cage unveils unexpected fan sentiment.

by Noman Rasool
Brian Cage: AEW Audience Resents My WWE-like Qualities

Brian Cage, a notable figure in professional wrestling and one-third of the ROH Six-Man tag team champions, recently divulged his thoughts on the peculiar fan reception he's been experiencing. His musings came during a candid interview on Busted Open Radio, where he delved into the theory that some fans might harbor an unfavorable view of him.

Cage, however, has his unique perspective on this sentiment, believing it largely stems from his specific traits that are more commonly seen and celebrated within the WWE universe.

Cage's WWE Traits Unpopular in AEW

Cage, known for his formidable physique and undeniable charisma, has won hearts in various wrestling stages.

However, his reception in AEW has been somewhat different. "In certain regards, yes. Our core audience at AEW almost hates me because of all those attributes [size, charisma, mic work, athleticism]. It almost feels like that screams WWE," Cage shared.

He further expanded on this sentiment, reiterating his belief that his unique skill set, which many consider in sync with the WWE style, could contribute to the AEW faithful's less-than-stellar reception. Cage is an imposing figure, an aspect that generally doesn't fit the typical AEW mold, where underdogs often find favor with the audience.

"It's almost like an anti-me sentiment," Cage reflected. "'He doesn't belong here. He's too jacked; he does this,' - all these attributes that I consider positives but are ironically being viewed as negatives. It feels like I'm on the wrong team." He went on to contrast his image with that of Darby Allin, an underdog gaining considerable popularity with the AEW crowd.

"I can toot my own horn and say they can't be me, so they'd rather attach on to a Darby Allin or someone they can vicariously live through as opposed to someone like me," Cage said. Cage's revelations shed light on an intriguing aspect of fan psychology within the wrestling world.

Despite the vast talent and attributes Cage brings to the table, his experiences in AEW highlight the complex dynamics between fan expectations and the evolving face of professional wrestling.

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