Rebel Pre-Wrestling Connection: Derailing WWE Diva Search with Christy Hemme


Rebel Pre-Wrestling Connection: Derailing WWE Diva Search with Christy Hemme

Rebel, who has been making waves in AEW, has a wrestling journey that stretches back nearly two decades. However, before her wrestling career took off, she found herself immersed in the world of modeling and entertainment in Los Angeles.

It was there that she formed a close friendship with Christy Hemme, the winner of the WWE 2004 Divas Search. In a recent interview with "Wilde On" host Taylor Wilde, Rebel opened up about her connection with Hemme, revealing that they were part of a show group together in LA.

"We were in a dancing, singing, fire-twirling show group, and that's how I know her," Rebel explained. She affectionately referred to Hemme as "Sunny" due to her sunny disposition and adorable personality.

Hemme Triumphs in WWE Divas Search

Interestingly, Rebel shared that their paths almost took a different turn when they both had plans to participate in the WWE Divas Search.

However, fate intervened when a family emergency forced Rebel to go back home. As a result, Hemme went ahead and participated, ultimately emerging as the victorious winner of the Divas Search. Their paths would cross once again in 2013 when Hemme was working as a ring announcer for TNA Wrestling.

It was during this time that Hemme recommended Rebel to the management of Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA. This recommendation opened the door for Rebel to have an on-and-off relationship with the promotion, making sporadic appearances until her last match in Impact Wrestling in 2018.

Last year, Hemme made her return to Impact Wrestling, taking on a backstage role that involves assisting with branding and the production of their weekly television show. Although the specifics of her role remain undisclosed, her involvement signifies her ongoing dedication to the wrestling industry.

Rebel's journey from her early days in LA to her current success in AEW is a testament to her resilience and passion for wrestling. And while her path diverged from the WWE Divas Search, her enduring friendship with Christy Hemme and the opportunities that arose from their connection have played a significant role in shaping her career.