Alicia Fox Alleges WWE Contract Ghosting


Alicia Fox Alleges WWE Contract Ghosting
Alicia Fox Alleges WWE Contract Ghosting

Alicia Fox has shed light on her departure from WWE, offering insights into her disappointing final years with the company. Speaking on "Ring The Belle," Fox revealed her struggle with alcoholism and subsequent rehabilitation stint prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

With a mindset of "they'll call me when they need me," Fox grew increasingly concerned as time passed without any contact from WWE regarding her potential return to the ring. Being in recovery, the situation became even more distressing for her.

After dedicating 17 years to the wrestling machine, she yearned for an explanation, especially while maintaining her sobriety. Unfortunately, she received no answers to her lingering questions.

Indirect Update, Unfair Treatment

The first update regarding her status came indirectly, when a fan tweeted her a picture of a WWE Legends shirt featuring her head from the 2018 Evolution match.

This unexpected discovery left Fox puzzled and feeling unfairly treated. While she did participate in the women's Royal Rumble matches in 2021 and 2022, the approaching expiration of her contract in April 2023 brought further disappointment, as she claims WWE continued to ignore her.

Hoping for a statement of support upon her release, Fox anticipated that the company would acknowledge her departure. However, no such statement was ever released, leaving her perplexed and feeling overlooked. The lack of communication and closure left her with lingering uncertainty about her status with WWE.

As Fox embarks on the next phase of her wrestling career, she aims to put these disheartening experiences behind her. While acknowledging the challenges she faced and the frustration caused by the lack of communication, she remains focused on her passion for wrestling and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Alicia Fox's story serves as a reminder of the importance of open communication and support within professional wrestling. The experience she endured underscores the need for transparency and understanding when it comes to the well-being and aspirations of the performers who dedicate their lives to the industry.

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