Booker T Debunks WWE 'Burial' Claims for LA Knight Money in the Bank Loss


Booker T Debunks WWE 'Burial' Claims for LA Knight Money in the Bank Loss
Booker T Debunks WWE 'Burial' Claims for LA Knight Money in the Bank Loss

The recent Money in the Bank event left fans divided, particularly regarding the outcome of the match. While Damian Priest emerged victorious and claimed the highly coveted briefcase, many supporters expressed disappointment over L.A.

Knight's loss. However, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has dismissed any notions of Knight being buried by the company. In an episode of "The Hall of Fame," Booker T addressed the criticism, stating, "I don't see it that way. People want things when they want it.

They ain't writing the show, it's not their show." He acknowledged that Knight had garnered a strong fan following and received an overwhelming positive response during the event. Nevertheless, Booker emphasized that success in WWE extends beyond a single moment.

Knight Future Opportunities: Booker T's Confidence

Booker T drew a comparison to Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship victory, questioning whether the fans' initial enthusiasm had been sustained consistently afterward. He acknowledged that not every fan favorite would emerge victorious in every match, but expressed confidence in Knight's ability to seize future opportunities.

"Do I believe LA Knight can hold that spot?" he questioned. "Hell yeah, I believe it. I believe it 100 percent, and I believe not winning the Money in the Bank, he's gonna prove it even more why he should be in that spot." While Knight may have missed out on the Money in the Bank briefcase, Booker T acknowledged the rise of Damian Priest and the potential significance of his victory.

Praised for his recent performance alongside Bad Bunny at Backlash, Priest finds himself embroiled in compelling storylines. Booker acknowledged that Priest may currently require the briefcase more than Knight, considering his growth within WWE's Judgment Day faction.

Booker T further discussed Priest's journey, highlighting his lengthy undefeated streak upon entering the main roster and his stint as United States Champion. However, he recognized a waning interest from fans towards the end of that reign.

Nonetheless, Booker observed that Priest has since demonstrated significant growth within Judgment Day and winning the Money in the Bank match could propel him to the top tier of WWE if he eventually decides to cash in. In conclusion, Booker T dismissed claims of L.A.

Knight being buried by WWE, emphasizing the unpredictability of wrestling and the importance of seizing future opportunities. While fans may have expressed disappointment at Knight's loss, Booker expressed confidence in his abilities and suggested that both Knight and Priest have promising futures ahead in WWE.

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