Alicia Fox alleges WWE ignored her near contract end.

Unveiling her WWE departure details, Alicia Fox shares insights.

by Noman Rasool
Alicia Fox alleges WWE ignored her near contract end.

As former Divas Champion Alicia Fox embarks on the next stage of her professional wrestling career, she's shedding some light on the circumstances of her recent departure from WWE. During her candid conversation on "Ring The Belle," Fox laid bare the disappointments and difficulties she faced in her final years at WWE.

Alicia Fox's professional wrestling career was fraught with challenges, most notably her battle with alcoholism. To confront this issue, she enrolled in a rehabilitation program, culminating her journey shortly before the global eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

During this pivotal time in her life, Fox adopted a stoic stance, patiently waiting for WWE to reach out regarding her potential return to the ring. With the passing of time and no correspondence from WWE, Fox began to experience growing concern.

She candidly expressed her fears, stating, "I was freaking out. As an alcoholic, I was kept at home. For 17 years, I have been part of this machine. The need for an explanation still haunts me in my sobriety, but I received no answers."

Unexpected Legend Status Revelation

Fox eventually received an indirect update from WWE when a fan tweeted her a picture of a WWE Legends shirt featuring her likeness from a 2018 Evolution match.

The unexpected appearance of her image on the shirt took her by surprise. "Why is my head on that shirt? Are they designating me as a legend? That doesn't seem fair," she questioned. Even though she made appearances in the 2021 and 2022 women's Royal Rumble matches, as the expiration date of her contract loomed in April 2023, Fox alleges the company consistently overlooked her.

She explained, "I anticipated that on my release date, they would provide a statement of support acknowledging my departure, but no such statement ever came." It is indeed a regrettable end to Fox's 17-year tenure with WWE.

Her emotional departure underscored her journey, from her struggles to her professional accomplishments, and the lack of a departure notice certainly left a void in her remarkable career. As she looks toward the future, fans and colleagues eagerly await the next chapter of Alicia Fox's professional wrestling journey.

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