Rob Van Dam Ponders Hanging up His Boots in Professional Wrestling


Rob Van Dam Ponders Hanging up His Boots in Professional Wrestling

Rob Van Dam, a revered member of the WWE Hall of Fame, has captivated audiences since his career began in 1990. His dedication to the sport has made him a prominent figure in the wrestling universe, sharing the stage with fellow legends like Sting, a luminary from WCW who's now a star at All Elite Wrestling.

As speculation mounts over Sting's potential exit from the ring, Van Dam has been prompted to ponder his retirement. Speaking on the "1 Of A Kind" podcast, Van Dam shed some light on his thoughts about retirement, which appears to be an increasing contemplation.

"I assumed I'd retire a few years back," Van Dam stated, "I didn't give it much thought then. I imagined I was semi-retired and would gradually stop accepting bookings. But now, I doubt I'll ever officially retire. Why should I? I may take a page from Dory Funk Jr.'

s book and never call it quits."

"Van Dam Values Authenticity in Retirement"

In the face of a potential career transition, Van Dam reflected on the importance of authenticity in his actions, saying, "I take pride in being genuine and honest, and I strive to lead by example in my lifestyle.

I wouldn't want to announce my retirement only to return to the ring after a couple of years, as some others do." Ruminating on the potential feelings of nostalgia and longing that often accompany retirement, Van Dam mused, "People always ask, 'Do you miss it?' But as I'm still actively wrestling, my response is 'No.'

However, if I were to stop and knew that I wouldn't be returning, my perspective would undoubtedly shift." Van Dam's retirement decision remains open-ended, with several potential matches on his horizon. "As of now, there's one match on my schedule for certain," he explained.

There may be another three opportunities on the table for me to consider. My stance on retirement will likely be influenced by what unfolds in these matches." According to Cagematch, Van Dam's latest match transpired on April 29, facing off against Channing Decker at the International Wrestling Cartel's Superstar Showdown IV event.

As Van Dam's potential retirement looms, fans eagerly await his final decision, a choice that could signal the end of an era in professional wrestling.

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