Alicia Fox Alleges Neglect by WWE as Contract Nears Expiration


Alicia Fox Alleges Neglect by WWE as Contract Nears Expiration

As former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox moves forward in her professional wrestling journey, she provides insights into the perplexing circumstances of her recent departure from WWE. Appearing on the popular wrestling show, "Ring The Belle," Fox articulated her dissatisfaction and disappointment with the handling of her final years in WWE.

Her tenure was marked by personal battles with alcoholism, leading her to seek assistance in a rehab facility. She emerged sober from her rehabilitative journey shortly before the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

"Fox's Anticipation Meets WWE's Silence"

During this challenging period, Fox expected the WWE to contact her regarding potential in-ring opportunities. She adopted a waiting stance, believing, "They'll call me when they need me." However, with no contact from WWE about her return, Fox candidly revealed her mounting concern as time passed.

"In retrospect, I was deeply anxious," Fox said, adding, "As an alcoholic, being idle at home was nerve-wracking. Having been a part of the WWE machinery for 17 years, I felt entitled to an explanation, especially in my newfound sobriety.

Yet, I was met with silence, leaving me grappling with unaddressed questions." Ironically, Fox eventually received an update from WWE, but it came indirectly through a fan's tweet. The fan had posted a picture of a WWE Legends shirt featuring Fox's image from her 2018 Evolution match.

Fox voiced her surprise and disappointment, "I saw my face on that shirt and wondered, 'Why am I being featured as a legend without any formal acknowledgment? It hardly seems fair.' " Following this incident, Fox appeared in the women's Royal Rumble matches in 2021 and 2022.

Still, as her contract neared its expiration in April 2023, she claims she was left in the dark by WWE, needing more contact or clarification about her position. Fox said, "I held onto the hope that they would issue a supportive statement on my release date, acknowledging my departure.

But despite these expectations, no such statement was ever released." Fox's candid revelations highlight the often opaque inner workings of WWE contracts and its treatment of talent during transition phases.

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