Rob Van Dam Considers Retiring from Professional Wrestling


Rob Van Dam Considers Retiring from Professional Wrestling

Rob Van Dam is considered one of the best ECW wrestlers of all time. After WWE bought ECW, Rob Van Dam was one of the few wrestlers that found success in the WWE. Most ECW wrestlers were used as mid-card wrestlers after they joined the WWE.

Rob Van Dam simply had a very good move-set that allowed WWE to use him effectively.

Rob Van Dam Shares His Thoughts On Retiring From Professional Wrestling

Being an ECW original, Rob Van Dam was an expert at using tables, ladders, and chairs effectively with his moves.

RVD was known for taking very high risks. He would regularly put his body on the line to entertain the fans. For example, he used to sandwich wrestlers between two ladders, and then use his body to crush the wrestlers using a move such as the Rolling Thunder.

Even after so many years, RVD’s performance has not deteriorated. He still performs very well, but has not appeared on WWE TV for a very long time. He is quite old now! Furthermore, he started his professional wrestling career in 1990.

It is rumored that Sting will retire soon, a wrestler who is also known for his longevity. Similarly, RVD is also thinking about retiring, since he cannot put his body through as much punishment as he could in the past. He spoke about his retirement plans on his podcast.

"I used to think I was gonna retire a few years ago," Van Dam said on the "1 Of A Kind" podcast. "I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it. I just kind of figured I was semi-retired, and I'll probably just not pick up bookings anymore, eventually, or whatever.

But now I don't think I ever will. I mean, why bother? I'll just probably do like Dory Funk Jr. and just not ever not retire." "As much as I pride myself on being genuine and honest, and I like to set an example by the way I live," Vam Dam added.

"I wouldn't wanna retire and then come back two years later and wrestle again like everybody does. But I don't know that I would miss it and that's why I thought that it would be easy to do before. Because people always ask, 'Do you miss it?' I'm like, 'No.

I'm still doing it.’” RVD performed on the 29th of April. He fought Channing Decker at International Wrestling Cartel’s Superstar Showdown IV event.

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