Billy Corgan: Embracing Villain Role for Not Conforming NWA to Industry Norms


Billy Corgan: Embracing Villain Role for Not Conforming NWA to Industry Norms
Billy Corgan: Embracing Villain Role for Not Conforming NWA to Industry Norms

In a recent revealing interview on Good Karma Wrestling, Billy Corgan, the face behind the renowned National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), discussed his unique approach to managing the promotion, asserting that he refuses to let it mimic other companies.

He addressed an intriguing question on whether any "heel" in wrestling, particularly in NWA, could thrive and fully embrace this persona in the all-pervading era of social media. "There's no shortage of tough contenders in NWA, both men and women," Corgan began.

He highlighted that while the organization doesn't deliberately court controversy, it takes immense pride in its identity, which sometimes clashes with differing views of the modern wrestling fan. "The essence of being a contemporary wrestling fan often involves expressing one's thoughts on social media, and that's completely acceptable," Corgan added.

Corgan Resists Fan-Influenced Booking

Moving on to a topic that often causes waves in the wrestling industry - the influence of fans over promoters and the booking of cards - Corgan made a stand. He affirmed his resistance to the popular trend of fans dictating the direction of the promotion, a stance that, he believes, singles him out in the industry.

"I draw a firm line regarding fans booking the promotion," Corgan declared. He articulated his disdain for the idea of fans shaping the card or the direction of the promotion, asserting that the NWA will not bow to such pressures.

In a statement that resonates with his rebellious spirit, Corgan proclaimed, "In that respect, I'm likely the biggest heel in the NWA because I resolutely refuse to transform the NWA into a carbon copy of every other wrestling company out there." Corgan's bold position demonstrates his commitment to preserving the distinctive identity of NWA, even if it positions him as a contrarian or a "heel" within the wrestling fraternity.

His remarks shed light on his unwavering dedication to upholding the integrity of his promotion, ensuring that the NWA remains unique amidst a sea of homogeneity in the wrestling world. Corgan's stance may not be universally popular, but it underscores his willingness to tread his path, which defines the spirit of wrestling itself in many ways.

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