Sanada Shares CM Punk's IWGP Championship Advice Following Forbidden Door 2 Win


Sanada Shares CM Punk's IWGP Championship Advice Following Forbidden Door 2 Win

SANADA, the reigning IWGP World Champion, recently opened up in a candid interview with NJPW Press about his victorious outing at the iconic event Forbidden Door 2. Reflecting on the momentous occasion, SANADA delved into a backstage conversation with legendary wrestler CM Punk, who also marked his presence on the coveted card.

Gaining insights from his experience in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotions, SANADA realized the sheer prestige associated with the IWGP label. This sentiment was further solidified during his interaction with CM Punk.

The Chicago-born professional wrestling veteran admired the championship belt, terming it 'the coolest.' SANADA recalled, "For someone of CM Punk's stature to recognize who you are and appreciate your work, it's a testament to the far-reaching prominence of the IWGP Championship."

SANADA's Insights on Perry's Potential

The reigning champ also shared his reflections on Perry, the opponent he faced at Forbidden Door 2.

While acknowledging Perry's potential and the substantial fan support he enjoys, SANADA revealed he saw something unique in him during their intense showdown. Perry's commendable performance against DOUKI in Chicago further added to this perception.

Although his match was fourth on the main card, SANADA emphasized the significance of asserting his individuality in unfamiliar territory. "I think the most crucial aspect was my ability to portray who SANADA is within that atmosphere and context," he said.

However, he acknowledged the importance of the match's position on the card. Still, for him, it was more about displaying his character and securing a win, which he successfully achieved. He expressed gratitude and concluded, "I'm thankful that I could embody the essence of SANADA and emerge victorious in such a setting.

I was responsible for showcasing who SANADA is, and I'm grateful I could fulfill that." In professional wrestling, where identities often blur, it was a heartening insight into SANADA's experiences, beliefs, and journey as the IWGP World Champion.

It also highlighted the symbiotic relationship between athletes and fans and the importance of individuality amid the high-octane spectacle.

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