AEW Star Reveals WWE Tag Team Origins as Blackpool Combat Club


AEW Star Reveals WWE Tag Team Origins as Blackpool Combat Club
AEW Star Reveals WWE Tag Team Origins as Blackpool Combat Club

Sheamus and Cesaro, known as "The Bar," made a significant impact on the WWE tag team division in 2017, setting the standard for excellence. Matt Hardy even dubbed them the "original Blackpool Combat Club," a title that resonated with their hard-hitting style.

Their journey as a team began in 2016, initially as fierce rivals engaged in a best-of-7 series. After the series ended in a tie at 3-3, Raw General Manager Mick Foley saw an opportunity for them to join forces rather than continue their intense feud.

The Bar WWE Reign: Impressive Championship Success

Thus, The Bar was born, and Sheamus and Cesaro went on to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship on five separate occasions. Their dominance and physicality in the ring caught the attention of AEW star Matt Hardy, who spoke about their impact on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast.

Hardy referred to Sheamus and Cesaro as the original Blackpool Combat Club, emphasizing their relentless aggression and ability to take on any opponent. He expressed his admiration for their physicality, highlighting that they were the kind of wrestlers who would make any match a punishing affair.

While Hardy personally gravitates towards entertaining the crowd rather than enduring grueling matches, he recognized the talent and intensity possessed by both Sheamus and Cesaro. It is worth noting that Cesaro, known by his real name Claudio Castagnoli, is indeed associated with the Blackpool Combat Club.

The team is set to participate in an anticipated Blood & Guts match, marking AEW's debut at Boston's TD Garden on July 19th. The possibility of an unexpected partner for this high-stakes encounter adds an intriguing twist to their already captivating storyline.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits the unfolding events, the legacy of The Bar as the original Blackpool Combat Club remains a testament to their formidable skills, physicality, and impact on the tag team division in WWE.

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