MVP believes Kingston’s WWE title win was huge for black representation

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MVP believes Kingston’s WWE title win was huge for black representation

Kofi Kingston won the WWE Champion by beating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. This triumph allowed Kofi to become the new symbol of the company after numerous efforts over the past few years. He is the first African-born world champion in WWE history as well as its 30th Triple Crown Champion and 20th overall Grand Slam Champion (13th under the current format).

In addition, Kingston himself holds the singular record for most days spent as a Tag Team Champion within WWE and is also known for innovative ways of suspending his elimination from Royal Rumble and battle royal matches.

With the exception of a few months spent as a heel (villainous character) in 2015 with The New Day, Kingston has been a babyface (heroic character) for almost the entirety of his WWE career. In a recent interview with Sean Waltman for X-Pac 12360, former WWE superstar MVP believed Kofi Kingston’s WWE title win was huge for black representation: “Bringing this all together with Kofi, winning the WWE Championship, the company title.

That was huge because you had Booker T and Mark Henry win the World title, but no one that looks like Kofi had ever had ever held the WWE title before. And you have people say, ‘Oh why make it about race?’ Because it is!

In this case. You have a literal African-American holding the WWE Championship for the first time. So there are kids who for years have loved WWE, but all the guys that held the title, you know there’s a whole segment of WWE fans that there was no one that looked like them."