Jim Ross Reveals Unrecognized WWE Raw Moment with Deeper Significance


Jim Ross Reveals Unrecognized WWE Raw Moment with Deeper Significance

In the annals of WWE history, certain moments stand out as groundbreaking, paving the way for future generations of talent. One such moment, often overshadowed by the passage of time, took place on the December 6, 2004, episode of "WWE Raw" when Trish Stratus and Lita shattered barriers by headlining the show in a wrestling match.

Recently, on an episode of "Grilling JR," Jim Ross, a legendary figure in the wrestling industry, shed light on the significance of this overlooked moment and why its impact deserves recognition even today.

Jim Ross's Personal Connection

Ross, known for his keen insights and extensive experience in talent relations, spoke passionately about the subject.

Reflecting on the rise of current WWE superstar Rhea Ripley, Ross delved into his emotions after watching the WWE Rivalries episode on A&E, which chronicled the careers of Stratus and Lita. He revealed a personal connection, as he had been the one to sign both women when they were relatively unknown entities.

"These incredible athletes, Trish and Lita, weren't on anyone's radar," Ross emphasized. "They hadn't attained the status of five-star prospects or conquered the independent scene. But I met them separately during my tenure as EVP of Talent Relations, and we brought them in.

The rest, as they say, is history." Ross stressed the profound significance of Stratus and Lita headlining "WWE Raw," a groundbreaking moment long before the ongoing women's revolution in professional wrestling. He acknowledged the initial backlash they faced from certain male wrestlers backstage, who were unable to fathom two women taking the main event spotlight.

However, Ross maintained that the opportunity was well-deserved, and Stratus and Lita delivered a stellar performance that silenced any doubters. In Ross's eyes, Stratus and Lita's trailblazing act laid the foundation for future female superstars like Ripley.

He even expressed optimism for AEW, suggesting that WWE's willingness to showcase female talent could inspire the rival promotion to follow suit. Ross highlighted the promising female talent in AEW and predicted that the coming months would witness a watershed moment in professional wrestling history.

As we reflect on the significance of Stratus and Lita's historic main event, giving credit where it is due is essential. Their pioneering feat opened doors for countless female wrestlers, shaping the landscape of women's wrestling in WWE and beyond.

Through Ross's words, we are reminded of the power of breaking barriers and the lasting impact of courageous trailblazers.

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