Brian Hebner: WWE Exit Not a Happy Time in My Life


Brian Hebner: WWE Exit Not a Happy Time in My Life

In a recent interview on House of Hardcore, veteran referee Brian Hebner shed light on his challenging experience in WWE and expressed his reluctance to return to the company. Reflecting on his time in the wrestling industry, Hebner revealed that his tenure in WWE was far from enjoyable.

The interview also touched upon Hebner's admiration for IMPACT Executive Scott D'Amore, whom he considered his favorite boss. Here are some key highlights from the insightful conversation. When asked about a potential return to WWE, Hebner candidly expressed his disinterest, stating, "Most people would say, 'Why don't you go back to WWE?' I'll be honest with you because I don't wanna f*cking go back there.

It wasn't the best time in my life. It wasn't." Hebner's response underscores the challenges and difficulties he faced during his stint with WWE, indicating that the experience left a lasting impact on him.

D'Amore's Supportive Leadership Sets Hebner Apart

In contrast, Hebner praised Scott D'Amore, citing him as one of the best bosses he has worked with.

Hebner emphasized D'Amore's approachability, highlighting the stark difference between D'Amore and industry heavyweights like Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter. According to Hebner, D'Amore fostered an environment where he felt comfortable expressing concerns or raising issues—an aspect lacking in his interactions with McMahon and other agents.

Recounting his experience, Hebner stated, "I felt comfortable going to him when I knew something wasn't right." Hebner further lauded D'Amore's attentiveness, recalling how the IMPACT Executive would regularly check in on him and inquire about the quality of his matches.

This level of engagement and genuine concern for his well-being was a departure from his experiences in other promotions. While acknowledging that Billy Corgan, former owner of TNA, also displayed similar support, Hebner clarified that D'Amore stood out as the best among them.

Brian Hebner's candid remarks shed light on why he was reluctant to return to WWE and offer insight into the contrasting management styles between wrestling promotions. Despite the challenges he faced during his time in WWE, Hebner found solace in working under bosses like Scott D'Amore, whose approachability and genuine interest in their talent's well-being left a lasting positive impression.

As Hebner continues his journey in the wrestling industry, he remains focused on finding fulfillment and fostering healthy working relationships in a supportive environment.