Ex-WWE Star Aleister Black Discusses Proposing His Character Main Concept to Triple H

Delving into the intriguing backstory of a wrestling persona.

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Star Aleister Black Discusses Proposing His Character Main Concept to Triple H

Performing as Malakai Black in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) today, the wrestler once made waves under the moniker Aleister Black in WWE's NXT brand. He recently appeared on "The Undisputed Podcast," hosted by NXT alum Bobby Fish, delving into the origins and development of his former Aleister character.

Black revealed the character's core inspiration, originating from a poem about the biblical figure Lucifer. He was deeply intrigued by the portrayal of Lucifer as a character who denied his father's love, which led to his rebellious acts.

Black found the narrative - of a character with an arc and potential for redemption - immensely captivating.

"Pitching Aleister's Complex Origins"

"This concept has always consumed me," Black confessed. As he reminisced about his initial conversations with Paul "Triple H" Levesque, he noted, "I suggested the idea of Lucifer being cast out, and upon his descent, he awakens with no recollection of his identity.

Despite this, he knows he committed an atrocious act, yet he can't quite pinpoint it. He is aware of committing something so vile that he is instinctively driven to seek redemption without understanding why. This was the genesis of the dialogue between Triple H and myself, which eventually shaped the Aleister character." Black further elaborated that he is drawn to antagonists possessing redeemable qualities, a trait that deviates from the traditional perspective on villainous figures.

He astutely observed that, in reality, no one perceives themselves as the villain; each person acts based on their unique motivations and justifications. During his illustrious tenure in NXT, the native of the Netherlands held the coveted "WWE NXT" Championship for a significant period of over 100 days.

He was later promoted to the WWE main roster, demonstrating his talent on the larger platform. However, in a twist of fate, Black was released from his contract in June 2021. The former WWE star now thrives in AEW, where he continues to captivate audiences with his enigmatic character, demonstrating the dynamic arc he once pitched for his character in WWE.

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