Former WWE Star Triumphant Return: Wins Title After Two-Year Hiatus


Former WWE Star Triumphant Return: Wins Title After Two-Year Hiatus
Former WWE Star Triumphant Return: Wins Title After Two-Year Hiatus

Tyler Breeze, a renowned ex-WWE star, marked a triumphant return to the wrestling world, stepping back into the ring after a two-year hiatus, securing a title win and turning heads in the process. The 35-year-old wrestler's last WWE match was on June 15, 2021, where he and his tag-team partner, Fandango, bested Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, of Imperium, on an NXT edition.

Not long after, Breeze, a formidable force in the wrestling community since his WWE inception as a developmental talent in 2010, was let go by the organization in June 2021. During his stint with WWE, Breeze had a successful career, both as an individual and as part of the dynamic duo, "Breezango," with Fandango.

He clinched the NXT Tag Team Champion title and even had an impressive run on the WWE main roster. Breezango was a fan favorite, mainly due to their infectious chemistry and entertaining "Fashion Files" vignettes. Despite the duo's popularity, they never clinched Tag Team Titles on Raw or Smackdown.

Breeze Triumphs in NGW Showdown

However, Breeze's hiatus was about to change in dramatic fashion. Competing at the Next Generation Wrestling’s (NGW) Wrestle Wars event in Knoxville, Tennessee, he faced off against Matt Cross, a veteran wrestler.

In a thrilling turn of events, Breeze emerged victorious, taking down the long-standing NGW: TN Champion, who had held the title for an impressive 615-day stretch. The win was celebrated not only by Breeze but also by his close friend and fellow wrestler, Xavier Woods.

The camaraderie between the two has always been evident, especially on the UpUpDownDown (UUDD) YouTube channel, where Breeze has been a regular for years. In another surprising development, Breeze was in the news earlier this week, with reports suggesting that he is under a WWE contract as part of the UUDD channel.

This YouTube platform regularly features Xavier Woods alongside other WWE superstars and Breeze has been a key figure on the channel, further solidifying his ties with WWE. Breeze's return, thus, doesn't just signify his personal victory but also a nostalgic throwback to his WWE days, while reinforcing his continued impact on the wrestling world.