Kalisto Take on WWE Dumpster Match & Vince McMahon Role

Kalisto Unforgettable WWE Moment: A Rollercoaster Dumpster Toss.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kalisto Take on WWE Dumpster Match & Vince McMahon Role

Kalisto, the renowned luchador, recently shared his exhilarating experience and insights on the WWE dumpster match he had against Braun Strowman. During the "K&S Wrestlefest," Kalisto shed light on the contest itself and the significant involvement of none other than Vince McMahon, the mastermind behind WWE.

Expressing his admiration for McMahon's hands-on approach, Kalisto acknowledged the Chairman's dedication to ensuring everyone's safety. "It was actually really interesting because Vince McMahon was so hands-on with that match.

He took care of me pretty good actually. He made sure that I was safe, made sure that everybody was safe," Kalisto explained. Highlighting Strowman's wrestling prowess, Kalisto emphasized their longstanding acquaintance since Strowman's days in NXT and the performance center, making the match an exhilarating experience.

Kalisto Shocking Experience

Despite emerging victorious, Kalisto found himself inside the dumpster as Strowman unleashed his fury after the loss. As a dramatic conclusion, Strowman forcefully hurled the dumpster, with Kalisto still inside, off the stage.

Recounting the heart-pounding moment, Kalisto likened it to a rollercoaster ride, noting his surprise that the fall wasn't longer than he expected. Kalisto further delved into the preparations for the match and McMahon's personal involvement in the process.

The talented wrestler expressed his astonishment at witnessing McMahon's own abilities and his experience of running through a spot with him. "Vince was really hands-on with this, he made sure I was safe. Even to get out of the dumpster, just practicing, he did a whole lucha base.

I was like cool man, he just lifted me up with one arm, like bam, bam, 'Alright there you go' I was like 'damn Vince, you're lucha.' It was so cool because it, like, just blew my mind because like 'Damn man, he's basing for me.'

" Kalisto's account sheds light on the intricate details of his WWE dumpster match with Braun Strowman and highlights the immense dedication of Vince McMahon in ensuring the safety and success of the performers. It showcases the collaborative spirit and adrenaline-filled moments that make WWE events truly electrifying for both the wrestlers and the audience alike.

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