Vince McMahon Swift Reversal: WWE Star Re-Hired Within 6 Hours of Termination


Vince McMahon Swift Reversal: WWE Star Re-Hired Within 6 Hours of Termination

WWE's ever-evolving landscape witnessed an extraordinary turn of events when a former wrestling star found themselves re-employed by none other than Vince McMahon, a mere few hours after bidding farewell to the company. While the wrestling industry is known for its unpredictable nature, the swift re-hiring of this particular individual surpassed expectations.

The renowned figure in question, famously known as The Boogeyman, was unexpectedly dismissed from WWE by John Laurinaitis, the former Head of Talent Relations, who delivered the news over a phone call. During an appearance on Cafe De Rene, former WWE wrestler Rene Dupree shared the astonishing account of The Boogeyman's abrupt termination, only to be reinstated shortly thereafter, thanks to the seemingly oblivious McMahon: "Have you ever heard the story about Boogeyman when he got hired? He got fired in the morning at 9 A.M.

and then rehired at 3 o'clock in the afternoon the same day. You remember Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis]? So, Johnny didn't like [The Boogeyman], and then, I guess he thought he had enough power to be able to fire someone like [The Boogeyman]."

Vince McMahon Reversal

"When Vince McMahon found out that [The Boogeyman] was fired, he made Johnny Ace call him up and rehire him.

I think with a raise, actually." Interestingly, this incident isn't the sole instance of WWE's prompt re-hirings. Back in April 2021, the company released Samoa Joe from his contract, only to have Triple H, WWE executive and professional wrestler, personally reach out to Joe on the same day.

Triple H, recognizing Joe's talent and value, sought to bring him back into the fold, and Joe resumed his work within WWE's developmental brand, NXT, in June of that year. These incidents highlight the dynamic nature of WWE's employment landscape, where decisions made in the morning can be swiftly reversed by higher authorities later in the day.

Such turnarounds not only showcase the influential role of Vince McMahon in the company but also exemplify the unique and fast-paced nature of the wrestling industry as a whole.

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