Medical Updates on Bray Wyatt and Johnny Gargano

Health concerns disrupt the dynamics of WWE's SummerSlam plans.

by Noman Rasool
Medical Updates on Bray Wyatt and Johnny Gargano

As the fever for WWE's SummerSlam in Detroit, Michigan mounts, two of its luminaries remain mired on the injury roster. Though the anticipation for the return of one superstar to the ring is palpable, the timeline for the other's comeback remains murky.

Fightful Select has divulged that Bray Wyatt, the beloved enigma, continues to be hamstrung by the illness that has held him on the sidelines since February. The creative narrative previously outlined for Wyatt pitted him against Bobby Lashley in a riveting plot featuring Uncle Howdy (depicted by Bo Dallas) and Alexa Bliss.

However, Wyatt's health concerns necessitated a pause on all the characters involved, leaving them on the proverbial shelf and even prompting Lashley's inexplicable disappearance from WWE television of late. The road to getting Wyatt medically cleared for competition has proven more arduous than anticipated, compelling WWE's creative team to tread lightly on any plans involving him.

Further exacerbating the situation is Alexa Bliss's maternity leave, rendering her participation in any potential narrative inconceivable, irrespective of Wyatt's health status. After his hiatus, Wyatt re-entered the WWE realm in October of the preceding year.

His stint was short-lived, though, as he only participated in a singular televised match against LA Knight during the 2023 Royal Rumble before falling prey to an unspecified ailment amidst his burgeoning rivalry with Lashley.

Gargano's Recovery and SummerSlam Uncertainties

In contrast, former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano has been positively navigating his injury. A recent Fightful report indicates that Gargano has effectively rehabilitated from his injury, nearly marking his return to the ring during a recent episode of "Raw" in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Nevertheless, uncertainty still looms regarding Gargano's participation in SummerSlam and a potential reunion with DIY partner Tommaso Ciampa. The recent report underscores Gargano's recovery from a nagging shoulder injury and even hints at his inclusion in current creative plans – most likely referring to the canceled Cleveland appearance. As the path toward SummerSlam is paved, the WWE universe eagerly awaits further developments.

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