Lesnar Returns, Women's Tag Match, MITB Rematch Set for Next Week's WWE Raw!

Unstoppable duo seeks to make history in tag team clash.

by Noman Rasool
Lesnar Returns, Women's Tag Match, MITB Rematch Set for Next Week's WWE Raw!

Brock Lesnar, the undeniable force in WWE, is poised to make an earth-shattering return next Monday night when "WWE Raw" descends upon the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Brace yourselves, for this electrifying event promises to be nothing short of legendary.

The anticipation is palpable as fans around the globe eagerly await the triumphant comeback of the enigmatic powerhouse. While Lesnar's imminent return alone is enough to set the WWE Universe ablaze, there are even more exhilarating spectacles for the upcoming show.

Three thrilling matches have already been confirmed, ensuring a captivating night of fierce competition and unforgettable moments.

Green & Deville Challenge Tag Champions

One of the marquee clashes on the horizon features the relentless duo of Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville, whose unyielding determination has propelled them to new heights.

Green and Deville have been on a remarkable ascent in recent weeks through cunning tactics and unwavering ambition. Just days ago, they emerged victorious in a grueling gauntlet match, and on Monday night, they utilized some controversial methods to secure a victory over Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

These triumphs have propelled them into a highly-anticipated showdown for the prestigious WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. Their adversaries? The dynamic duo of Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan have proven formidable champions.

The clash promises to be a battle of wills, as Green and Deville aim to dethrone the reigning titleholders and etch their names in the annals of WWE history. In another thrilling encounter, two mighty factions collide as Alpha Academy and the Viking Raiders engage in a "Vikings Rules" Match.

The animosity between these groups reached a boiling point when Alpha Academy disrupted Maxxine Dupri's graduation ceremony, igniting a firestorm of rivalry. Now, they are set to settle their differences in a contest that will test the limits of endurance and resilience.

This clash of titans is bound to leave the WWE Universe in awe. Moreover, the echoes of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view continue to resonate as Matt Riddle seeks retribution in a highly-anticipated rematch against Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER.

The non-title encounter promises to be a fierce battle, with Riddle vying to avenge his defeat and prove his mettle against the dominant titleholder. However, the odds may not be in Riddle's favor, as the rest of Imperium is barred from ringside, and his steadfast ally, Drew McIntyre, will be absent from his corner.

The question looms: can Riddle overcome these challenges and emerge triumphant? And then, there's the presence of the almighty Lesnar. In a moment that has set the WWE Universe ablaze with excitement, Cody Rhodes fearlessly issued a challenge to the "Beast Incarnate" on Monday night.

The anticipation mounts as we await Lesnar's response, which is rumored to be an acceptance of "The American Nightmare's" audacious proposal for a match at the illustrious SummerSlam event. The potential collision between these two colossal forces is a dream matchup that promises to redefine the boundaries of intensity and spectacle.