Jeff Jarrett Envisions MJF and Sonjay Dutt as Wrestling Promoters

Jeff Jarrett discusses potential wrestling promoters in recent podcast.

by Noman Rasool
Jeff Jarrett Envisions MJF and Sonjay Dutt as Wrestling Promoters

In a recent episode of his My World podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and current Director of Business Development for AEW, Jeff Jarrett, discussed the idea of AEW World Champion MJF and industry veteran Sonjay Dutt potentially running their own wrestling company.

Sharing his insights from growing up in the wrestling business, Jarrett highlighted the passion and vision required for such a venture, ultimately identifying MJF and Dutt as suitable candidates. Reflecting on his own experiences, Jarrett emphasized the importance of a cumulative understanding of the industry.

Having been exposed to the wrestling world from a young age, he acknowledged the significance of learning from established figures like Lawler and Dundee during the end of the territorial era. According to Jarrett, aspiring promoters must possess an unwavering passion and an ability to think through the intricacies of the business.

In this regard, MJF's drive and dedication caught Jarrett's attention.

MJF: A Charismatic Potential Wrestling Promoter

Jarrett commended MJF for his age of 35 and his already impressive accomplishments in the industry. With a firm belief in the necessity of having a vision, Jarrett suggested that MJF's charisma and talent make him a potential candidate for leading his wrestling promotion.

While contemplating other suitable candidates, Jarrett praised MJF's ability to navigate the wrestling world with a unique perspective. Shifting the focus to Sonjay Dutt, Jarrett highlighted his extensive experience in the industry.

Stressing the importance of deep involvement and dedication, Jarrett explained that aspiring promoters must live and breathe wrestling while possessing the skills necessary to create captivating content. Having excelled in various facets of the industry, including in-ring work and producing, Dutt showcased a well-rounded skill set that impressed Jarrett.

Furthermore, Jarrett acknowledged that Dutt's understanding of business would undoubtedly grow with hands-on experience and guidance. In summary, Jarrett's observations during the podcast led him to identify MJF and Sonjay Dutt as potential wrestling promoters due to their passion, understanding of the industry, and capability to envision and execute engaging content.

While MJF's charisma and unique perspective position him as a strong candidate, Dutt's extensive experience and diverse skill set make him a compelling choice. Ultimately, the wrestling world eagerly awaits the future endeavors of these promising talents.

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