Becky Lynch Sheds Light on Her Methodology for WWE Creative Planning


Becky Lynch Sheds Light on Her Methodology for WWE Creative Planning
Becky Lynch Sheds Light on Her Methodology for WWE Creative Planning

Becky Lynch, the notable personality famously known as "The Man" in the WWE universe, recently shared an enlightening perspective on her creative process with Cosmopolitan UK. Her candid discussion revealed a transformation in her approach, offering insights into her adaptability and resilience in facing challenges in the WWE creative process.

At the start, Lynch's process was akin to a passionate and relentless pursuit. She was intensely fixated on her ideas, striving for their realization uncompromisingly. The lack of accommodation for her ideas would plunge her into a day-long gloom.

"I was completely invested in my ideas and their exact execution. Any deviation would leave me in low spirits for the entire day," she humorously remarked. Her insistence on her ideas manifested itself in a persistent struggle, even up to the last moment of her performance.

Choosing Battles in Creativity

Previously, Lynch had touched upon the necessity of choosing her battles in the creative process. This highlighted the realization that specific ideas deemed 'bad creative' needed to be released.

Once again, she resonated with this wisdom, stating her new approach stemmed from understanding that clinging to every creative battle consumed a significant amount of her energy. Her creative process has now evolved to embrace a more flexible approach.

Lynch asserted that she would accept the innovative material presented to her. She would then assess its potential for alteration. "Whether I am personally fond of the concept or not, I will evaluate the possibility of a tweak.

If changes are not feasible, I shift my focus towards optimizing its appeal to the audience," Lynch explained. Recognizing the WWE as a shared creative playground and not solely her domain, Lynch's new perspective underscores her commitment to making each performance the best it can be, even if it does not perfectly align with her original vision.

"My role is to give my best, to stimulate the fans' interest, and to evoke their emotions as deeply as possible," she stated, highlighting her shift towards a more pragmatic and accommodating approach to the WWE creative process.

Lynch's ability to adapt and innovate within the WWE's creative framework is an inspiring testament to her resilience and dedication, a quality that her fans have come to admire and appreciate sincerely.

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