Kevin Nash Initially Mistook LA Knight's WWE Character for a Joke


Kevin Nash Initially Mistook LA Knight's WWE Character for a Joke

On a recent episode of "Kliq This," wrestling veteran Kevin Nash elaborated on his previous critiques of LA Knight, insinuating that Knight's popularity among the WWE Universe may have been a product of sheer luck rather than his talent or persona.

"Many people share the opinion that LA is emulating The Rock/Austin," Nash began, stating his reservations about Knight's originality. "He's been involved in this industry for a decade, yet he didn't gain notable recognition elsewhere.

Generally, it's unlikely to materialize if you don't create an impact within three years."

"Nash Questions WWE's Investment"

Nash pointed out the experiences of numerous wrestlers who couldn't make it to the main roster despite staying in "WWE NXT" for four or five years.

He further argued that it wouldn't be prudent for WWE to invest heavily in individuals like Knight, who struggled to attain stardom until their late 30s. "It's as if I'm risking all my acquired assets of the past three decades, placing them on the double green zero on a roulette wheel and leaving it to chance," Nash analogized.

Nash, who previously faced criticism for branding Knight as a less successful version of The Rock and Steve Austin, clarified that he hadn't viewed Knight on WWE television until the "WWE Raw" before Money in the Bank. After watching the segment, he felt Knight's character was intended to be comical or a satire.

"My initial response was, 'This has to be a joke, correct?'" Nash shared his reaction to Knight's debut. "But, it wasn't. That's genuinely the character. It led to my exasperation, questioning the authenticity of what I was witnessing.

Yet, critics claimed I was undermining him. To be clear, I didn't question his wrestling skills, as I haven't observed him in the ring. My point was simply that the character lacked originality." Reasserting that he had not watched Knight wrestle, Nash said if Knight were genuinely respected in the WWE locker room, one of his colleagues would have defended him.

"In conclusion, I won't apologize," Nash stated decisively. "I perceive it as a clear imitation, though I didn't intend any offense." His statement underscores his firm stance, displaying his candidness and unwillingness to retract his views.

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