The Miz Claims 'Supreme Conqueror' Status After Dominant Raw Victory

The Miz's Rise to Prominence: From Tough Enough to WWE Triumph.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Miz Claims 'Supreme Conqueror' Status After Dominant Raw Victory

The Miz, a WWE superstar who has been making waves with his recent performances, is finally receiving the recognition he deserves from fans. Just like John Cena, who underwent a similar transformation in the eyes of WWE audiences, Miz's skills as a heel have reached a level where crowds cheer him for his effective work rather than booing him off the screen.

While his microphone skills and character work have always been appreciated, his in-ring abilities have often been overlooked. However, that changed earlier this year on Monday Night Raw when Miz showcased his agility by executing impressive hurricanranas during a televised match.

Continuing his impressive streak, Miz triumphed once again last night, defeating Tommaso Ciampa in a no disqualification match with the assistance of his ally, Bronson Reed. Reflecting on his victory during an interview on Raw Talk, Miz couldn't help but assert his status as a winner.

"I'm a winner. I'm a winner. A winner, you hear me? It's everybody in the locker room, it's everybody in this arena," he exclaimed. Undoubtedly proud of his accomplishments, Miz emphasized the physical toll he endured to secure his victory, boasting of his resilience despite the bumps, bruises, and bleeding he sustained throughout the intense encounter.

Miz Proclaims Himself WWE's Toughest

Inspired by his recent success and unwavering determination, Miz boldly bestowed a new title upon himself within the WWE. "I am the toughest man in WWE," he declared, his voice resonating with conviction.

Interestingly, "tough" is a term that has been closely associated with Miz since the early days of his career. He burst onto the professional wrestling scene as a participant on the fourth season of Tough Enough, a competition aimed at discovering the next WWE superstar.

Although Miz finished as the runner-up, he undoubtedly surpassed his fellow contestants, eventually becoming the most accomplished alumnus of the show. Miz's passionate post-match promo on Monday Night Raw echoed his legendary confrontation with Daniel Bryan (currently known as Bryan Danielson) during a Talking Smack segment in 2016.

Back then, Bryan criticized Miz, accusing him of wrestling like a coward. In response, Miz defended his style, highlighting his ability to perform consistently day in and day out without suffering major injuries. It was a powerful statement that showcased his dedication and durability in the ring.

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