Former WWE Women Champion Set to Shine as Flagship Star in New Promotion

Revolutionary plans unfold as a dynamic all-women's wrestling promotion takes shape.

by Atia Mukhtar
Former WWE Women Champion Set to Shine as Flagship Star in New Promotion

Exciting news is emerging from the wrestling world as a brand-new all women's wrestling promotion is taking shape, and it seems that a former WWE Women's Champion is poised to play a significant role in this venture, despite not being actively involved in full-time wrestling for the past 27 years.

According to a report by PWInsider, a new wrestling promotion featuring a lineup of talented female Japanese stars is in the works, with a highly anticipated show scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of New York in September 2023.

The report also confirms that several accomplished competitors have already inked deals to work with this ambitious company, including the esteemed Bull Nakano, a former WWE Women's Champion.

Nakano's Prominence in Upcoming All-Women's Promotion

During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer provided some intriguing insights into this upcoming promotion, revealing that Nakano is set to be a prominent figure within its ranks, despite retiring from active competition in 1997.

Meltzer elaborated on the vision behind the new promotion, stating, "The idea is an all-women's promotion that would be on TV, focusing on delivering higher-quality wrestling than what's seen in Women of Wrestling. They plan to bring in talented female wrestlers from Japan, although it's unlikely that any STARDOM performers will be part of the roster." Meltzer explained Nakano's role, stating, "Bull Nakano is expected to be one of the standout figures in this promotion.

Although she won't be stepping into the ring as an active wrestler, her name and presence will be instrumental in establishing the brand. It's worth noting that efforts are being made to finalize the necessary paperwork to bring these Japanese talents on board.

While I don't have the exact details of the Japanese wrestlers joining, I believe further announcements will be made shortly." For fans of professional wrestling, Bull Nakano needs no introduction. A legendary figure in the Japanese wrestling scene, Nakano spent numerous years competing for All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling.

However, her memorable stint in WWE during the mid-nineties truly catapulted her into the spotlight, especially when she captured the WWE Women's Championship from Alundra Blayze. Later on, the two fierce competitors reignited their rivalry in WCW after departing from WWE, with Blayze adopting Madusa's moniker.