Jack Swagger Talks About WWE’s Popularity Problems

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Jack Swagger Talks About WWE’s Popularity Problems

The WWE is seeing a huge dip in popularity and people are simply turning away from the product. The WWE reported that they lost quite a lot of money in Q1 of this year. Their live shows didn’t do that well and most of their famous superstars were not available for work.

Jack Swagger is a former WWE superstar who is now an MMA fighter. He spoke about whether WWE can actually change and fix its popularity issues with Pro Wrestling 24/7. Swagger stated that the WWE product is simply not interesting enough because there is so much of it out there.

He stated that the shows are way too long and it is very difficult to provide entertaining matches to the fans every single week. "Well to me it's like how many weeks in a row can you provide five hours, six hours of wrestling contests truly entertaining? You can only sustain that for so long so I think they need to change their model," revealed Swagger.

"I know Vince doesn't like that because he wants to be working and making money, but it's incredibly tough to put out compelling and entertaining content that you haven't seen and honestly you've seen everything that they're doing right now.

So, it is what it is so maybe it will change or maybe they don't care and they go their network and will just keep doing what they do."