Kevin Nash Calls LA Knight Character a "Rib"


Kevin Nash Calls LA Knight Character a "Rib"

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently found himself at the center of controversy with his comments about rising WWE star LA Knight, and he's not backing down from his stance. Nash, known for his candidness, suggested that LA Knight is merely a copycat version of The Rock, and now he's elaborating on his thoughts.

LA Knight has undeniably impacted WWE fans worldwide, garnering significant reactions despite not achieving great success in the ring thus far. Many fans were rooting for Knight to win the men's Money in the Bank match in London, England, but Damian Priest emerged as the victor instead.

Kevin Nash Slams LA Knight as "Rock Ripoff"

However, in his characteristic outspoken manner, Kevin Nash is far from impressed with the emerging star. He boldly labeled LA Knight as "a ripoff of The Rock," igniting the expected response from fans on social media.

Nash further expressed his skepticism about Knight's delayed rise to fame, questioning why it took him so long to gain traction in his decade-long career: "Plenty of people agree that LA is imitating The Rock and Stone Cold.

I mean, the guy has been in the business for about ten years—why didn't he make an impact anywhere else? It's unlikely to happen if you're unsuccessful within three years." Interestingly, just before Nash's three-year mark in the industry, he joined WWE and gained prominence as Diesel after enduring less-than-stellar stints as the Master Blaster, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas in WCW.

Nash went on to reveal that when he first encountered LA Knight's character, he assumed it was some prank: "My initial reaction was, 'Okay, this must be a joke, right?' But it turns out it's not—it's just what the character is.

I got worked up and thought, 'You must be kidding me!' However, people on social media accused me of burying the guy. I didn't say he couldn't wrestle; I've never seen him in the ring. I stated that the character lacked originality.

I stand by my opinion—it's an obvious imitation. But I didn't mean any harm." Despite Nash's criticisms, LA Knight is proving to be a hit with WWE fans, as evidenced by his strong merchandise sales in June 2023, ranking among the top five sellers in the company. Interestingly, Nash experienced similar success with the NWO, a faction he helped establish 27 years ago.

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