WWE Confirms Two Name Changes

Surprising name changes take center stage in WWE NXT.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Confirms Two Name Changes

In the ever-evolving world of WWE, name changes are a common occurrence. However, in recent years, these alterations have sparked controversy in certain circles, with some wrestlers losing their first or last names seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Wrestlers such as Cesaro, Andrade, Ciampa, Theory, and Riddle have all had their names abbreviated over the years, often without much explanation. This trend doesn't even account for those who have had their names changed following a promotion from NXT, as was the case with Gunther, formerly known as WALTER, and Butch, previously Pete Dunne.

WWE Stars Reclaim Last Names

However, in a surprising turn of events, two WWE stars have regained their last names during the July 11th edition of NXT. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz were backstage when they were approached by Angel and Humberto.

Interestingly, the graphic introducing Los Lotharios displayed their names as Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo once again. The reinstatement of their surnames has also been reflected on the roster page of WWE.com, marking a significant shift in WWE's recent naming trends.

The reintroduction of their full names was accompanied by a hint of a potential tag team match between Carrillo, Garza, Dragon Lee, and Nathan Frazer. This speculation was fueled when Feroz and Leon appeared uninterested in engaging with Los Lotharios, suggesting a possible future confrontation.

In other NXT news, The Judgment Day was in action, with Damian Priest and Finn Balor attempting to resolve their issues and move forward. Meanwhile, Dominik Mysterio was actively pursuing championship gold, adding another layer of intrigue to the current NXT landscape.

The recent name restorations signal a potential change in WWE's approach to wrestler identities, perhaps indicating a shift towards maintaining the originality and individuality of its stars. As always, the WWE universe continues to evolve, keeping fans on their toes and eagerly anticipating what's next.