WWE Hall of Famer Thrilled by AEW Showdown


WWE Hall of Famer Thrilled by AEW Showdown

In the world of professional wrestling, the success of a new show can be a matter of intense speculation and debate. Such is the case with AEW Collision, which has garnered both praise and concern since its debut just four weeks ago.

While its inaugural episode boasted an impressive viewership of 832,000, subsequent episodes have experienced a decline in numbers. The second episode saw a drop of 200,000 viewers, and the third, which aired on July 1st, was met with disappointment as it attracted only 452,000 viewers.

AEW Collision's Strategic Advantage?

However, amidst these dwindling figures, there is speculation that Warner Bros Discovery, the show's parent company and broadcaster, may prioritize AEW Collision's rankings relative to other programs airing at the same time, rather than solely focusing on the overall viewership.

Drawing on his own extensive experience as a former TV executive and someone who understands the intricacies of crafting a successful wrestling show, Eric Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently expressed his confidence in AEW Collision during an episode of his renowned 83 Weeks podcast.

Bischoff emphasized the importance of keeping the audience engaged and creating anticipation for the show. He commended AEW Collision for accomplishing this through effective promotion and previewing upcoming events to generate excitement.

According to Bischoff, this approach demonstrates that AEW Collision is thinking differently and striving to stand out. Furthermore, Bischoff lauded the production quality of the show, describing it as excellent. He praised the first episode for its well-executed pacing, formatting, and the strategic placement of various elements throughout.

Bischoff admitted that his exposure to the show has been limited, but he expressed his enthusiasm for the unique identity AEW Collision is building and the challenge of differentiating it from its sister program, Dynamite, without diminishing Dynamite's appeal.

Despite the fluctuating viewership numbers, there is reason for optimism regarding the future of AEW Collision. With a WWE Hall of Famer like Eric Bischoff expressing excitement over the show's approach, production quality, and distinctiveness, AEW Collision seems poised to continue making waves in the wrestling industry.

As time progresses, it will be fascinating to witness how AEW Collision evolves and distinguishes itself within the competitive landscape of professional wrestling.