Former WWE Icon Returns, Joins Roman Reigns to Battle The Bloodline


Former WWE Icon Returns, Joins Roman Reigns to Battle The Bloodline

In a surprising turn of events, the loyalty within Roman Reigns' formidable faction, The Bloodline, has been called into question. The Usos, long-standing members of the stable and Reigns' own kin, are reportedly seeking to sway Solo Sikoa to their side, leaving the reigning World Champion on uncertain ground.

As speculation mounts about the fate of The Bloodline, all eyes turn to the highly anticipated WWE SummerSlam, where Reigns will face a formidable challenge from Jey Uso for his coveted championship.

Reigns' Contingency Plan Unveiled

However, Reigns, known for his strategic mindset, seems to have foreseen the potential betrayal and may have already devised a contingency plan.

Drawing from a previous alliance forged during his early days as The Tribal Chief, Reigns mentored Apollo Crews, guiding him to success on SmackDown. Although Crews departed for NXT in April 2022, he has since become a prominent figure in the main event scene.

This history suggests that Reigns could assemble a new iteration of The Bloodline, expanding beyond blood relations and integrating fresh talent from the current roster. The recent inclusion of Sami Zayn in The Bloodline earlier this year exemplifies Reigns' willingness to welcome individuals outside his family into the fold.

Such a dynamic shift could potentially see Apollo Crews standing as the first loyal soldier to rally behind Reigns. The outcome would be a vastly transformed faction, representing a departure from the traditional power dynamics within The Bloodline.

The upcoming SummerSlam event carries significant implications for both sides of this internal war, necessitating thorough preparations. Reigns finds himself at a crossroads, torn between persistently urging The Usos' return or accepting the betrayal and seeking new allies to safeguard his championship reign.

How he responds to this critical juncture will shape the destiny of The Bloodline. As anticipation builds for the clash at SummerSlam, fans eagerly await the resolution of this captivating storyline. Reigns' strategic acumen and his potential alliance with Crews foreshadow an epic battle that could redefine the dynamics of The Bloodline.

It remains to be seen whether Reigns can maintain his grip on the World Championship while reconfiguring his support system within the faction.

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