Seth Rollins Reflects on WWE Title and Roman Reigns Saga

Delving into the nuances of WWE championships with Seth Rollins.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Reflects on WWE Title and Roman Reigns Saga

During a recent episode of "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins delved into a detailed discussion surrounding the challenges and perceptions of the newest iteration of the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE.

Particularly, he opened up about the reality of this title being perceived as secondary, largely due to its association with the "Raw" brand, and the existence of a parallel narrative centered around Roman Reigns and the title he holds.

Notably, the title associated with Reigns has an extensive historical lineage, dating back to the original World Wide Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship established in the 1960s. Rollins has shown awareness of this fact, admitting, "It's challenging to take a title, essentially created from scratch, and establish it as something of significant value."

"Rollins' Mission: Elevating His Title"

However, Rollins remains undeterred, seeing his current task as an opportunity to build the prestige of his title.

He elaborated, "Our goal is to enhance its stature every single time it's in public view, be it a live event, mainstream media outlets like 'The Today Show,' or ESPN, or pay-per-views. Our mission is to make it feel as significant as we possibly can, thereby elevating everything associated with it." Despite this, Rollins was candid about the comparison between his title and Reigns', conceding, "I'm under no illusions that this title holds the same stature as Roman's.

That title carries substantial historical and symbolic value." He admitted the gap in prestige between the two titles, accepting that it would take time for his to build a similar reputation. In a light jab at Reigns, Rollins hinted that the current setup could have been different if Reigns had a different approach to his title reign.

Rollins stated, "If Roman was doing what I was doing, there wouldn't be a need for another World Heavyweight Title on 'Raw.' " Addressing the critics who label his title a "consolation prize," Rollins expressed that he took no offense.

Despite the naysayers, the fact that he was selected over all non-Reigns wrestlers to carry the new title remains a significant honor for him, and something he takes pride in. In this conversation, Seth Rollins portrayed a champion determined to enhance the prestige of his title while acknowledging the realities and challenges that come with it.

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