Road Dogg Reveals His Top WWE Match of 2023, Thus Far

Road Dogg commends Bloodline Civil War for its captivating storyline.

by Noman Rasool
Road Dogg Reveals His Top WWE Match of 2023, Thus Far

In the latest edition of "Oh...You Didn't Know," WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events, Brian "Road Dogg" James, revealed his pick for the best wrestling match of 2023 thus far. With high praise for the storytelling involved, James declared that the clash between The Usos, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa, collectively known as the Bloodline, stands out as the standout bout of the year.

Expressing his enthusiasm, James explained, "I gotta say The Usos versus Roman [Reigns] and Solo [Sikoa]. It was the best story, the best build-up. I'm emotionally invested in that story." As the former WWE Hardcore Champion, James appreciated the emotional depth and narrative intricacies that unfolded during the contest.

Jey Uso's Historic Victory Sparks Intriguing Future Storylines

A significant moment in the match occurred when Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns, an accomplishment no one had achieved since 2019. According to James, this outcome opened up exciting possibilities for future storylines, hinting at the potential for further compelling developments.

"I think they paid it off in a big way," James praised, adding that he hadn't felt as emotionally engaged in any other match this year as he did during the Money In The Bank main event. Contrasting his preferences with those of certain critical favorites such as Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay, James highlighted his affinity for emotion-based storytelling, drawing on his Memphis showboating roots.

The Bloodline Civil War match struck a personal chord with him, as he had previously wrestled alongside his own family, similar to the dynamics exhibited by Reigns, Sikoa, and The Usos. "They're in there with their brothers and their cousins...

and I can't help but feel that," James reflected, implying a strong sense of personal connection with the performers. Through the match, he found himself living vicariously, expressing his desire to have had the opportunity to compete with his brothers on such a grand stage.

Road Dogg's endorsement further solidifies the Bloodline Civil War as a remarkable encounter that captivated not only the fans but also the key decision-makers within WWE. With its compelling storytelling and emotional depth, the match continues to earn acclaim as the top wrestling spectacle of 2023, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the future endeavors of these talented competitors.

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